What are the ways to find and recover mac files?

Losing files especially the important ones could truly be frustrating. Moreover, one could not avoid using Mac for it plays an important role in our everyday. We use it for keeping our files, browsing the net and even for preparing for presentations. It is indeed truly beneficial and that is why it is important to know things regarding the data recovery for mac files.

When the files from the Mac device have been deleted, one would not be able to see it through their naked eye. However, they should know that it does not totally disappear to the computer. It could not be destroyed instantly. Therefore, there is a need to recover them as soon as you can. There are various ways to recover mac files and that is through the following methods below.

What are the ways to find and recover mac files?

• Look for it in the trash can

It is the place where you can mostly find the items that you have deleted and it would remain there until you have decided to delete them permanently. You can find it in the desktop of the device. You just need to look for the files you have accidentally deleted and once you have found it, right click it and then select “Put back”. However, you should know that if it is not in the trash can, then it is not possible to conduct data recovery using this method.

• Check the time machine

In this method, you need to find the item that you wanted to retrieve from the place that contained it originally. The time machine could also be used in creating a backup for your files. With it, it is possible to retrieve even the file’s older version. In case your backups are located in an external drive, then you need to ensure that it is properly connected. Click the menu of the time machine and then find your backup. Once you have found the file and you are sure that it is the version that you wanted to restore, click the restore button.

• Use the Spotlight tool of Mac OS X

It would really help you to find your missing files. In order to use this, you just need to press the command space in order to open it. Type in the file name of the one you are searching for then as the list of results show, hold the command key down in order for you to know its path directory. By using this, you would be able to know if the file still exists. That way, you would know if you need to use other methods to perform data recovery.

• Use software and programs

There are a lot of programs and software out in the market focusing on data recovery. You should know that you should stop using your drive for the files might be overwritten and overwritten files would be harder to recover. In addition, you need to know if the program or software is free or not before using it to avoid having regrets.
These are just some of the methods that could provide an efficient data recovery.

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