A List of Tips for Your New iPad-Part 1

Just got a New iPad for Christmas or New Year gift a couple weeks ago? Congrats, then, and welcome to the club.

To help you get started with your device, we’ve gathered together some handy tips. We’ll show you how to quit apps (completely), take screenshots, reboot your iPad, and find free games.

We’ll also show you how to save battery life, send photos between devices, avoid scams on the App Store, and even record game footage to your computer so you can become the next PewDiePie.

How to use multitasking gestures

There are a few ways to manipulate your iPad by making gestures with four or more fingers. Swipe left and right to switch between apps; swipe up to bring up the multitasking panel; and bring your fingers together to close the current app.

If they annoy you (or ruin a game that needs lots of inputs, like Crabitron), you can turn them off in the Settings app – it’s a switch under ‘General’.

How to force quit an app

Sometimes, an app will get its knickers in a knot and need to be completely shut down. Or you just want to kill a big memory-munching game before it saps all your battery life.

To do this, enter the multitasking panel (hit the Home button twice or swipe up with four fingers); find the game or app in question; and then swipe it up and off the top of the screen.

How to avoid scam apps

The App Store sometimes features apps that aren’t what they seem. They’re scams, designed to make you think that some epic console game has just gone live on iOS.

There are a few things to check for if you want to make sure you’re not buying a dud. Look at the developer and its past apps to see if it’s a reputable seller. Look at the user reviews from all versions.

Check the file size: big games with 3D graphics are typically 500MB to 2GB. And check Pocket Gamer to see if we have reported on or reviewed the game in question.

How to change notification settings and ‘shut up’ a nagging app


We’ve all downloaded games that won’t stop ‘nagging’ you with push notifications. The easiest way to silence a game is simply to delete it – but if you want to continue playing it, you can also turn off these annoying alerts.

Open ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Notification Center’. Tap on the game in question and pick ‘None’ for alert style; turn off app icon badges and sounds; and say no to Notification Center and Lock screen alerts.

How to take screenshots

Press the Home button and Lock button at the same time to take a screenshot. The image will be saved into your camera roll so you can see it in the Photos app or share it on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

How to make keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to instantly belch out great long strings of text by just typing a few characters on the keyboard. I use it to quickly type out my phone number, 3DS friend code, and email address.

You can set them up by opening the ‘Settings’ app, choosing ‘General’, and then hit ‘Keyboard’. Choose ‘Add New Shortcut…’ and then put the desired text (say, your email address) into ‘Phrase’, and a shortcut (maybe the first few characters) in ‘Shortcut’.

How to keep apps updated automatically

Since iOS 7, you no longer have to keep manually updating apps. If they aren’t updating automatically, though, go into ‘Settings’, choose ‘iTunes & App Store’, and make sure ‘Updates’ is checked.

You can also check Music, Books, and Apps to make it so media and games purchased on your Mac or other iOS devices automatically appear on your tablet. Like some kind of hideous dark magic.

How to share photos with other Apple fans


Via Shared Photo Streams, you can share snaps with other iOS owners. To get started, go into ‘Photos’, choose the ‘Shared’ tab, and tap ‘New Shared Stream…’ Give it a name and then choose some people from your contacts list.

Now when you look at a picture in Photos, hit the share button (an arrow poking out of a box) and click ‘iCloud’. Choose the correct stream, give the image a caption, and it will then be sent to all the people in the stream.

If you can’t find the shared page, make sure ‘Photo Sharing’ is switched on under ‘Photos & Camera’ in the Settings app.

Best of all, these streams don’t eat into your iCloud storage space.

Here is the part 1 of useful tips for iPad, next post we will finish this arcicle. If you need more info like data rescue process you can check our site to get what you want.

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