Guidance for You to Choose the Appropriate DVD/Video Converter for Your iPhone

As an iPhone user, you must like to use your iPhone to watch a movie ’cause iPhone’s screen is so perfect for watching these kinds of videos and you can use it to watch your movies anytime anywhere you want, it is very convenient. But you may also confuse that some of your favorite movie is not the MP4 format but RM, RMVB which cannot be played on your iPhone, or you buy some DVDs and want to make it possible to use your iPhone to view the content in them. Is there any method to make the movies be played on your iPhone? Actually you can try to use the so called converter to achieve your task. In this article, I will show you how to choose the suitable software which can help you to convert the video format in order it can be played on your iPhone.

DVD to iPhone converter

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Features-The Main Point to Judge If the Software Works for You or Not

What is the most important thing when you judge a program is working or not? The answer is the features or it. Are the features of the software are powerful enough? Is this software easy to use? Now let’s check features of the DVD to iPhone or Video converter for iPhone software should have.

  • Super fast speed and perfect output quality

  • (Tips: This is quite important. Imagine you just get a new movie and want to lie down on your bed and use your iPhone to watch it. Convert it right now, but the converter tells you that it may take 2-5 hours to convert it. Will you still use this software? Moreover, the software should keep the video files in the good quality after converting is finished.)

  • Provide several default iPhone video profiles for different output video you need, such as minimal size video, high quality video, etc

  • Serve both beginners and the experienced well enough with default properties and variable settings

  • Auto-split output file to several files to fit your CD-R or other device

  • Movie zoom mode is optional. You can select movie zoom mode you need before converting

  • Convert any clip or segment by setting the start point and duration as you like

  • Support default settings or customizing settings with parameters of the video and audio codec

  • Support preview (Preview function is also important ’cause you can check the quality of the converting files)

  • Support multi-language like Chinese(s), English, and Japanese (Some software only provides English.)

  • Support batch conversion and multithreading so that you can convert multiple files at the same time

Final Though

These are my opinions about choosing a good converter for your iPhone or iOS device. And this is based on the Windows OS computer. If you are using Mac PC and you need the software for your Mac like Mac data recovery program, you can read more articles on our site to find if any helps we can offer.

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