How to Recover Lost Files in OS X for Free

Generally speaking, the Mac Trash is all filled with the deleted files. When we want to relocate a certain deleted file, we can restore it very easily in the Mac Trash. But if you are careless to click the optional button from the Finder menu, then you will delete all of the files and folders. So how do we recover the deleted files from the Mac Trash at this moment? Do not worry, here are two ways for you to retrieve the files you want easily.

1. The program within the MAC computer: time machine

The reason why MAC computers are enjoyed by computer players is due to the humanity and automation. MAC computer users are recommended to turn on the Time Machine, as nobody knows why your files are missing for some reasons one day and you will feel at loss. Only if you switch on this program, most of the lost files or the emptied files can be restored.

recovery data for mac


2. MAC software for data recovery

The other way is to employ the third-party data recovery tool, which is common for many users. A good data recovery software is able to restore 90% to 100% of the lost files. Indeed, it depends on how you operate on your computers when you lose your files. Our experts suggest that you should not carry out any operation on your MAC after you lost the files, such as writing documents and painting, etc.

Emptying the Mac Trash does not mean deleting the file itself actually. It just makes the operating system lose the pointer between the deleted files and the index of the file systems as well as clear the space occupied by the files. While the files on the drive remain intact until they are covered with other files. That is to say, we need to stop operating on the Mac before using Data Recovery for MAC software for fear of covering the old files and causing the irrevocable loss.

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